Radio-Canada, the Canadian federal Crown corporation that serves as the French national public radio and television broadcaster in Canada, started working on a complete redesign of their many different platforms. They broadcast information and entertainment through the television, the radio, the internet and their apps. On top of that, they do print and digital advertising for their own content. When they mentionned they wanted to create a bespoke type family for all of these uses, we knew it would not be a small task.

We worked on this project with Charles Daoud and Alexandre Saumier Demers. The result is a humanist family of 12 styles. Each one of those styles supports over 200 languages.

The typeface had to be subtle enough to work well in more serious news or financial contexts but also have enough personality to allow it to stand out in more display uses such as creative applications advertising. On top of all that, it had to perform equally well on paper and on screen, in small and not so small sizes.

Typeface Design

  • √Čtienne Aubert Bonn
    Charles Daoud
    Alexandre Saumier Demers



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